Ian Wang

Ian Wang is a versatile designer whose career has spanned graphic design, fashion design, catering, and accommodation, with a unique focus on “Respect” and the art of “Metamorphosis.” Wang’s remarkable journey began as an industrial and fashion designer, and since 2014, he has evolved into a self-taught graphic designer.

Wang is a founding partner and branding designer of URSIDE Design and URSIDE Hotel Shanghai. URSIDE Design is an interdisciplinary architectural, interior, graphic, and branding design and research office based in Shanghai, which focuses on historical and physical contexts, challenges tradition and convention, and promotes innovation and intelligence. URSIDE Hotel is a new model of an unconventional hotel, with multi-living areas, multiple dwelling, co-working, creative catering, and diverse events from 2018, renovated from the old factory of Jiangnan Shipyard, founded in the early 20th Century. URSIDE Design and Hotel have won numerous awards worldwide, including AD 100 Young, Architecture MasterPrize, Best Interdisciplinary Practice of BUILD Architecture Awards, and Esquire New Hotels Awards. Wang’s visual instruction and branding design projects include co-working spaces, an urban street, urban designs, a smart hardware company, a textile research institute, an international hi-tech festival, mobile apps, a dessert shop, fashion brands, hotels, and Airbnb. He has collaborated with esteemed architects and institutions such as Tadao Ando, Urbanus, Archmixing, Institute of Building Research, Syracuse Architecture, and Cornell AAP.

Wang has received a BA with distinctions in fashion design and industrial design from Tsinghua University. He also studied at the Royal College of Art in London, London College of Fashion, and the University of Macau. His fashion design work Metamorphosis was awarded “Emergent Fur Designer” by Copenhagen Fur. The fashion design project, Face to Face, has won First Place in the Department of Fashion Design Graduation Design Work, exhibited in Japan, South Korea, and Switzerland.