Aidan Ackerman

Aidan Ackerman is Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture at SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry. He investigates methods of computationally simulating and visualizing landscape ecology, with a focus on information-driven environmental modeling. Ackerman’s research is performed through two primary avenues: project-based digital experimentation to develop novel workflows, and practice-based study of emerging technology – particularly Building Information Modeling (BIM) - within the landscape architecture profession. 

Ackerman works on cultural and historic landscape visualization projects through the ESF Center for Cultural Landscape Preservation and the Olmsted Center for Landscape Preservation. This involves working with graduate students on digital landscape graphics and simulations in collaboration with project partners from the National Parks Service, various landscape architecture firms, and other academic institutions. 

A large portion of Ackerman’s research efforts focus on computational modeling, simualtion, and visualization of large-scale forest sites using immersive virtual reality technology. In particular, this research focuses on the development of digital workflows to convert non-visual forest simualtion data into fulle rendered three-dimensional walkthrough environments. This research also focuses on simulation and modeling of unique 3D tree models based on species growth characteristics, environmental conditions, and community interaction.