Madelynn Ringo

Madelynn Ringo is an architectural designer who scales brand identities to life with feel-good originality. With an insatiable passion for problem-solving and high regard for heartbeat moments, Ringo creates storied environments expressed within a formidable architectural framework. She specializes in designing experiential spaces that resound with purposeful beauty. With a strategic approach, her design process engages the entire customer journey, allowing the brand experience to live and breathe within every touchpoint. Whether she is partnering with rapidly-growing start-ups or innovative companies to develop the physical expression of a brand, her process involves a careful consideration of creative, operations, marketing and spatila branding.

Ringo founded Brooklyn-based Ringo Studio in 2020 with a focus on collaborative exploration, collective solutions and a strong belief in spaces that resonate. “Changing people’s perspectives about what can be beautiful, not simply operational, is one of the most compelling aspects of my work,” says Ringo. “Experience without exclusivity is the ultimate aspiration.” Iconic interiors and immersive customer experiences for Modern Age, Our Place, Contact Sports, Funny Face Bakery, Bala, Glossier, and Studs are among the Ringo Studio portfolio of designs for beauty, wellness and culturally inclusive lifestyle brands, national museum exhibitions, elevated events and luxury residences.

Ringo received her Architecture Master’s degree from Yale University and employs her classical training through an intuitive lens that celebrates beauty and architecture as an experiential artform. Her sculptural approach to space powers Ringo’s adventurous use of texture, form, materials and color, pushing functionality into a realm of convention-breaking appeal.