6:00pm EDT May 12

Family Outreach: Finding Fulfillment in the Midst of Crisis

How can students “do good” and “be well”? Led by the Rev. Brian Konkol, Dean of Hendricks Chapel at Syracuse University, this session will explore how Syracuse University seeks to spark and sustain the spiritual health and wellbeing of its campus community in the midst of challenging times.

The Rev. Dr. Brian Konkol serves as the Dean of Hendricks Chapel and Professor of Practice in the Department of Religion at Syracuse University. Konkol is a member of the Chancellor’s Executive Team and is responsible for guiding, nurturing and enhancing religious, spiritual, moral, and ethical life at the University and across its extended community.

Konkol is an ordained Lutheran (ELCA) minister, published author, and sought-after speaker. He lived overseas for nearly a decade while serving in South America and South Africa, and played college basketball while studying criminal justice in La Crosse, Wisconsin. His spouse, Kristen, is a professor of Exercise Science in the School of Education at Syracuse University.

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