11:00am EDT April 6, 2021

Global Mini-Series: AMAA

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Marcello Galiotto and Alessandra Rampazzo
Co-founders, AMAA Collaborative Architecture Office For Research And Development

Collectors of Ruins - A Way of Working

The architecture is the result of a complex process, not unique, never equal to itself nor linear, based on the continuous critical work on the available design options. AMAA shares its research on the working method: a specific way of working that makes every single occasion a moment of wider research, aimed at a continuous experimentation with a rich use of study models. An approach that focuses on the search for a continuity of thought, more than formal. 

During the lecture some AMAA will present some of their latest projects, expressions of the architectural research of the studio and occasions of comparison on the theme of the reuse of the existing architectural heritage and on the continuous tension between old and new, between tradition and contemporaneity.

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