1:00pm EST February 23

Global Mini-Series: WAI Architecture Think Tank

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Cruz Garcia & Nathalie Frankowski
Founding curators, WAI Architecture Think Tank

Post-Colonial Loudreaders

Under the increasingly global regime of necropolitical exploitation and capitalist extraction, the brutal forces once exerted on the colonies expand beyond the confines of occupied territories. In this depleting world of irreversible geomorphic transformations, incessant political paraphernalia, and monumental ideological symbols, Post-Colonial imaginaries outline the possibility to render new, solidary, and critical worlds. Learning from the persecuted alternative practice of education performed in the tobacco factories of the Caribbean of the 20th Century where lectores (Loudreaders) would share anti-capitalist and emancipatory literature with workers who were denied any other form of formal education, Cruz Garcia and Nathalie Frankowski continuously search for critical forms of architecture. Through the development of manifestos and Narrative Architecture projects, new curricula and pedagogical experiments, publications and curatorial platforms, alternative forms of public engagement and works of anti-capitalist realism they pursue models for Loudreading the possibility of other, pluriversal, anti-racist, intersectional, and emancipating worlds.

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