5:15pm EDT October 9, 2018

Marc Spector: Cultural DNA of The Spector Group. Bridging the Theory‐Practice Continuum

Marc B. Spector, AIA, leads an architectural practice that excels in two managerial aspects critical to our profession—design as the power to enable creativity and design as a business. Marc accomplishes his remarkably skillful balancing of architecture with entrepreneurship in such a natural, talented and gifted way as to make astute business practice an essential part of design. Through consistent daily practice, Marc inspires us to be entrepreneurs of ideas and partners in innovation.

As a Principal/Owner of the Spector Group, a firm founded by his late father, Michael Harris Spector, FAIA, a 1962 graduate of the Syracuse University School of Architecture, Marc has grown his firm into an international practice where his ever‐sharpening expertise and non‐traditional approach to envisioning the experience of architecture has resulted in AIA award‐winning work. More importantly, Marc has consistently sharpened a process that convinces clients of the value of design excellence and collaboration. Joining the firm in 1989, Marc earned his Master of Architecture from the University of Michigan and the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Architecture.