5:00pm EDT March 28, 2014

Anna Neimark

“Room, mountain, paint, conduit”

Neimark, on the faculty of Sci-ARC and co-principal of First Office, will present recent work of the firm. She will present recent work of First Office, a practice that aims to estrange the norms that structure current architectural production. Central to the discussion will be a room built at the MAK Center for Art and Architecture, titled Paranormal Panorama. Here, a mountain was projected onto the walls and rendered in white paint, framed in conduit. It was a model at one to one scale that tested the specificities of the construction process as though they were techniques of representation.

Neimark’s ongoing projects include installations at the MAK Center, Berkeley Gallery, and Possible Mediums Exhibition, as well as a series of tables and rooms for Pinterest, forthcoming in print in Log, Frame, and Architecture d’Aujourd’hui. Recent essays include “How to Domesticate a Mountain” in Perspecta 46, “Abstraction Returns” in Think-Space, and “Zoopol: A Monument to the Animal Kingdom” in Project 1.