5:00pm EDT October 20, 2015

Johan Laure

“Interactive Ecosystems”

Johan Laure of NAS Architecture will provide an overview of several recent projects of the firm to provide a view of its vision. Considering that each site intervention must be based on an exchange between context and architecture, the office develops projects as interactive ecosystems, continually seeking new ways for interaction between people, programs, sensoriality and substainability in every scale and temporality.

Laure co-founded NAS Architecture (Montpellier, France) with Hadrien Ballalud de Saint Jean and Guillaume Giraude in 2013. The office has a transversal vision of architecture, working on different scales, each with the same attention. Projects are oriented towards social expectations, urbanism and functionality while feeding the ambition to become a key actor within local context. This idea is translated by the creation of interactive ecosystems where the building becomes a new articulation between people and their surroundings.

NAS Architecture has received international awards for its work: First place, New Berlin Natural Science Museum idea competition; Design and Innovative Ideas Prize for the pavilion BLOOM; Public prize and a jury prize, Breath Box, The Lively Architecture Festival, 2014.