5:00pm EST February 24, 2015

Katherine Hogan and Vincent Petrarca

“Working Backwards”

Katherine Hogan ’05, AIA, LEED AP and Vincent Petrarca, Associate AIA are founders and principals of Tonic Design, a design studio, and Tonic Construction, a North Carolina-based construction company. The two companies are separate but interacting entities. Together as a design-build firm, Tonic creates sensitive, modern, construction-led design solutions for all building types, including award-winning modern homes/new home construction, commercial, and cultural design and construction.

With the flexibility to take on the role of designer or general contractor (a builder for other designers), or both (designer/builder), Tonic’s knowledge of construction and design is a valuable editing device for the work they produce, and it increases the scope of their influence on the final product. As a methodology, Tonic embraces the influence of construction on design (construction-led design) and design on construction as the fundamental premise that defines our work.

Spring 2015 Richard Gluckman Visiting Critics