5:30pm EST March 7

Noushin Ehsan

Noushin Ehsan
Award-winning Iranian-born American Architect

An Architect’s Journey: Excerpts from “Noushin, A Memoir: The Making of a Woman Architect”

In her talk, Noushin will read a few excerpts from her book, Noushin, A Memoir: The Making of a Woman Architect, which discusses her personal journey as a young child in Iran whose foremost ambition was to become an architect and the sometimes-difficult paths she navigated as she achieved each of her goals. Noushin will focus on the qualities it takes to establish and lead a successful international practice of architecture/planning and will share her philosophy that all architects must possess a desire to use their knowledge and talent to serve humanity. Her doctrine, called Spirit of Space, denotes that an architect must understand the value and impact of subliminal feelings of joy in spaces and the impact of creating designs that “sing.” To achieve this goal, Noushin believes the architect must employ a holistic approach to craft designs that are timeless, promote positive emotions, and work towards contributing to a healthy society.