5:30pm EST February 16

Li Han and Hu Yan

Einhorn Lecture

Li Han and Hu Yan
Co-founders of Drawing Architecture Studio (DAS)

Extra Ordinary Views 

Everyday urban space is one of the important topics discussed in the architectural circle in recent years. After weathering a storm of avant-garde ideas and technology, architecture has shown an interest in returning to some more down-to-earth fields. Rediscovering the everyday life becomes a possible anchor. This lecture explores the ways and possible outcomes of the transformation between everyday life and architectural practice through Drawing Architecture Studio’s latest works in architectural model, drawing and installation.

Ahearn Workshop: Store/Shop/Web Experience Design

February 25, 26, 27

Drawing Architecture Studio will be holding an in-person workshop from February 25-27. RSVP through Handshake if you’d like to attend.

The Ahearn Workshops are made possible by a gift from Patrick Ahearn ’73, G’73, member of the School of Architecture Advisory Board and Syracuse University Trustee.