12:00pm EDT October 6

Global Mini-Series: Marco Armiero

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Marco Armiero
Director of the KTH Environmental Humanities Laboratory, Stockholm; President of the European Society for Environmental History

Mussolini’s Nature: An environmental history of fascism

Armiero will present his recently co-authored volume Mussolini’s Nature (MIT 2022). The volume explores fascist political ecologies, or rather the practices and narratives through which the regime constructed imaginary and material ecologies functional to its political project. In the presentation, as well as in the volume, he has not pursued the ghost of a green Mussolini by counting how many national parks were created during the regime or how many trees planted. Instead, he will solicit the public to recognize fascist political ecology in Mussolini’s speeches, reclaimed landscapes, policies of economic self-sufficiency, propaganda documentaries, reforested areas, and in the environmental transformation of its colonial holdings. More specifically, in his talk, Armiero will focus on the fascist autarchic project as an expression of the regime’s political ecologies. 

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