Added a Techno CNC Systems Atlas 4’ x 4’ mill.
The Roland MDX-540 CNC machine was retired.
The Mcor Iris 3D paper printer was retired.


Added three additional FormLabs Form 2 resin 3D printers.
Added two Zortax M300 filament 3D printers.

Fall 2017

Added four Zortrax M300 filament 3D printers.

Spring 2017

Added an Mcor Iris 3D paper printer.
Added a 4’ x 8’ Techno CNC Systems HD II mill.
Our oldest 3D printer, the InVision SR, was retired after 10 years of service.

Spring 2016

Added three Type A Series 1 Pro filament 3D printers.
Added three Formlabs Form 2 resin 3D printers.

Fall 2015

The school now has four laser cutters. Two ULS PLS 615D laser cutters were purchased with dual lasers. One of these replaced a vaporized ULS X660.

spring 2014

Added a third Makerbot Replicator 2 3D printer. 

Fall 2013

Added two Makerbot Replicator 2 3D printers.

Fall 2010

Added a second 3D printer, a powder-based Zcorp Zprinter 350.
Added a third laser cutter, a ULS PLS 675 with 60-watt laser.

Spring 2010

Added a Formech 450 vacuum former.

Summer 2008

Added a wall mounted Onyx 90 museum board cutter. This should help with trimming material for use in the laser cutters.

Fall 2007

The Roland CNC mill is online and available for use.

Summer 2007

Added a Roland MDX-540 Modeling Machine with Precision Spindle. This computer controlled milling machine has a 16”x20” bed. 

Spring 2007

The InVision SR 3D printer is online and available for use.

Fall 2006

The school ordered a 3D Systems InVision SR 3D printer. The school hired a laser cutter operator for 30/hrs week.

Spring 2006

A second Universal Laser Systems X-660 laser cutter was purchased.