zainab safri
down-streaming dying delta

Every year, the long-extended months of Karachi summer bring a variety of climate-based problems: water issues (lack and the excess of it), load-shedding, flooding, rain, storms, erosion of the delta over reclaimed land, suppression of the water table, deforestation of the mangroves and the usage of non-porous construction materials.

I propose creative research that involves a practical and accurate approach to the mangrove degradation in Karachi’s delta. The delta is where the Indus River meets the Arabian sea and then the Indian Ocean. However, the delta is being torn apart and abused by the people. The problems here involve the reclamation of the delta to create unsustainable yet expensive construction (by killing the mangroves), the disposal of chemical waste in the Korangi industrial region into the delta (killing the ecosystem and polluting the delta enough into poisoning the mangroves), and the disposal of the sewage system. What is a vernacular and natural method of limiting erosion, lowering the sea level, preventing storms and maintaining a world known ecosystem is being torn apart. These mangroves need to be regenerated, newer technology and strong research needs to be done to support this dying delta. I want to go out in the delta and collaborate with architects, researchers, and scientists to gain more information and details about this situation. The research will involve getting the facts, organizing them, publishing a paper for awareness and try to seek funding to implement a change.