All students in the MArch and MS programs are invited to submit proposals for the use of these funds. Grants are awarded based on the quality, rigor, and feasibility of the proposals.

Projects can be either extracurricular (e.g., independent) or an extension of coursework (e.g., thesis/directed research or work pursued in studio or other courses). Funds may be used for travel, books, supplies, or other expenses directly related to the project. Successful applicants will be required to present the results of their research at a symposium that will be held each Fall.

2021/2022 Winners

Onkar Joshi
Analyzing Cognitive Load: Spatial Design for Product Communication in a Virtual Space
Faculty mentor: Amber Bartosh

Morgan Noone
Ground-Up Built Ecologies: Investigating Living Material
Faculty mentors: Nina Sharifi and Yukata Sho

Jake Paige
An Architectural Instrument – Hospice
Faculty mentor: Kathleen Brandt

2020/2021 Winner

Zainab Safri
Down-streaming Dying Delta
Faculty mentor: Nina Sharifi

2019/2020 program cancelled due to covid-19 pandemic

2018/2019 Winners

2017/2018 Winners

2016/2017 Winners