Graduate Ambassadors

Our Syracuse Architecture graduate ambassadors are current graduate students who play pivotal roles in leadership by building and facilitating a community within the graduate program. They engage with new and current graduate students, as well as participate in activities to encourage research awareness and innovation; They’re available to answer questions for prospective students about the curriculum, and, more importantly, to share their own personal experiences as Syracuse Architecture graduate students.

Vedyun Mishra

I am a first year graduate enrolled in the MS in Architecture. Having completed my undergraduate studies in architecture, I have three years of professional experience in the field of architecture. Being an international student, my idea of doing graduate studies in US were strongly driven by the unique pedagogy and curriculum in the MS program here at Syracuse. The program in particular provides a unique blend of research and design at various architectural scales. This supplemented with faculty in my area of interest made Syracuse a clear choice for me.

In addition to classroom learning, the school has amazing opportunities for virtually anything that an upcoming architect dreams about. Participation and being part of various organizations, competitions & societies is highly encouraged.

It goes without saying that the graduate program here at Syracuse involves a lot of sleepless and tiring nights of work and involves being on your toes in order to excel at this highly competitive environment. That said, the rewarding critiques that we receive from our faculty and peers, in addition to the overall learning environment, ensures that the world is gaining graduates who are socially, economically and culturally aware of their responsibilities as architects of the next generation.

Austin Pena

I’m in my first year of the three year MArch program. I got my B.S. in economics from Brigham Young University in Utah. I started at the University of Utah as an architectural studies major, but then took some time off for school for some service work and ended up transferring to BYU where there is no architecture program, so I chose a major that interested me with the intention of doing a 3 year MArch program. I found Syracuse through rankings online, and grew to respect the program as I followed them on social media and looked more in depth at the research interests of the faculty. My undergraduate program was research intensive, and the prospect of studying at an institution who’s pushing things forward in the profession excited me. The program’s approach marries theory and practice in a way that has begun to completely change the way that I see architecture. 

I don’t regret my decision to accept my admission to Syracuse. The program is rigorous, but the small studio and class sizes have allowed me to learn immensely from students from many different backgrounds. I’ve also never enjoyed the level of closeness and camaraderie with my professors that I’ve experienced at Syracuse. Each of my professors know me and my interests and are clearly passionate about teaching me.