Matias del Campo

Dr. Matias del Campo is an architect, designer and educator, currently serving as Associate Professor at the Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Michigan. In addition, he holds the position of Director of the Architecture and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (AR2IL) at UoM.

His research, conducted in collaboration with the Computer Science department, Michigan Robotics, and MIDAS, explores advanced design methodologies in architecture, specifically leveraging Artificial Intelligence techniques. Alongside Sandra Manninger, del Campo co-founded the award-winning architecture practice SPAN, renowned for designs rooted in advanced geometry, computational methodologies, and philosophical inquiry. 

Dr. del Campo’s significant contributions extend to academic publications, with recent work including “Diffusions in Architecture” published by Wiley and “Neural Architecture – Design and Artificial Intelligence” released by ORO. He earned a Master of Architecture from the University of Applied Arts Vienna and a Ph.D. from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.