5:30pm EST March 7, 2017

Laura Andreini


Building (in) the landscape

“If we design on a landscape scale and move away from the norms and criteria with which the architectural discipline defines buildings, we can conceive and imagine transformations of matter and materials based on a dimension of the land that relates to the supreme presence of the natural environment. The landscape — both as built and natural context — gives designers new models for knowing and interpreting. Yet, like all pre-existing fabric, it has its own identity and particular structure. Through human action it is a bearer of its tradition and specific history represented by a defined environmental form and structure.”

From this perspective, the three Studio Archea projects that Laura Andreini will present — the Antinori Winery in Tuscany, the Liling Ceramic Art City and the design for Yanqing Grape Expo, both in China — are more than architecture as they become chances to think about landscape and different ways of acting on it through projects that relate with a sense of continuity to their surroundings that express universally recognized values.