9:00am - 2:00pm EDT May 6, 2017

Thesis Prize Jury

A select group of undergraduate and graduate students from the class of 2017 presented their theses and competed for prizes before a panel of guest jurors and Syracuse Architecture faculty.



Jonathan Anthony (B.Arch); Maxwell Baum (B.Arch); Chris Bressler &  Colin Hoover (M.Arch); Taiming Chen & Yiwei Wu (B.Arch); Cherif Farid (B.Arch); Taylor Hagan (B.Arch); Ana Hernandez Derbez & Domenica Velasco (B.Arch); Max Kronauer (B.Arch); Paul J. Lee (B.Arch); Vivek Njanappilly (M.Arch); Alexandra Ramirez (B.Arch); Russell Scheer (B.Arch); Ania Sernicki (B.Arch); Hye Rim Shin (B.Arch); Evangeline Soileau (B.Arch); Yang Song (M.Arch); Trang Tran (B.Arch)


  • Alan Berger
    Alan Berger is the Norman B. and Muriel Leventhal Professor of Advanced Urbanism at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is founding director of P-REX lab, and founding co-director of the Norman B. Leventhal Center for Advanced Urbanism at MIT.
  • Branden Hookway
    Branden Hookway holds a master of architecture from Rice University and a Ph.D. in the history and theory of architecture from Princeton University. He is a cultural theorist whose interests include architecture, urbanism, design, and art; philosophy and critical theory; history of technology and science; organizational theory and human factors; media theory and new media. He teaches at Cornell University in the Department of Architecture and the Department of Information Science.
  • Georgina Huljich
    Georgina Huljich is co-principal, with Marcelo Spina, of P-A-T-T-E-R-N-S, an award-winning architectural design practice based in Los Angeles. P-A-T-T-E-R-N-S is internationally recognized for its subtle approach to architecture; one that seamlessly integrates advanced technology within an extensive consideration of form, novel tectonics and innovative materials.

  • Julio Salcedo
    Julio Salcedo is the chair of the Spitzer School Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Urbanism at City College in New York. Prior teaching engagements include Harvard University, the University of Pennsylvania, Syracuse University, and Cornell University.
  • Matt Shaw
    Matt Shaw is an architecture writer, editor, etc. interested in political aesthetics, interaction design and comedy as formal generator. He is senior editor of The Architect’s Newspaper and founder and co-editor of Mockitecture, a half-manifesto/half-satire collection of architectural debauchery.
  • Darius Sollohub
    Darius Sollohub AIA is a tenured associate professor at the College of Architecture and Design at New Jersey Institute of Technology and has been affiliated with the school since 1996. He served as director of its New Jersey School of Architecture from 2010–2015, administering graduate and undergraduate programs in architecture and planning.