5:30pm EDT October 22, 2021

Drawing Workshop Series: Nathan Williams

Nathan Williams
Artist, designer and researcher

Signifyin(g) Spatial Narrative in Composite
(DJ Sample, Layer, Repeat)

Williams will explore the ar(t)chitecturally re-mixed media techniques of perspectival composite collage through African Diasporic creative theory as a framework for “making”. Techniques related to rhythmic, sonic, and visual practices such as the DJ process of sample, layer, and repeat; the textile process of rhythmic quilting and griot modal storytelling will be introduced to develop new hybrid interpretations of visual representation. Syncopated mappings and their
multi-voiced fractals will inform Spatial Narratives of composited hand-crafted works occupying the spaces between rhythm and revision. Investigations will challenge relevant materials as well as strategies of (re)presentation of history and culture; gender, sexuality; race and place, spirit and space. Future space(s) are invoked, employing techniques in continuity towards innovations in Spatial Narrative and Visualization.