Garland deGraffenried
Senior Development Officer, Continuum Company, LLC

B.Arch, Syracuse University 2009

Garland deGraffenried is a Senior Development Officer at Continuum Company, a boutique real estate development firm, headquartered in NYC, that focuses on ground-up developments that create value for both the consumer and investor.

A native of Westminster, Massachusetts, deGraffenried is a graduate of Oakmont Regional High School. He earned his Bachelor of Architecture degree in 2009 from Syracuse University’s School of Architecture. As a recipient of an inaugural SU Engagement Fellowship, deGraffenried worked post-graduation in his first architectural role as a designer at King + King Architects studying architecture’s impact on real estate value and success.

In 2010, deGraffenried began his development career with Alloy Development, where he led the design, planning and project management of several luxury residential buildings in Brooklyn, New York. Between 2013–19, he worked at Toll Brothers as director of development and at DDG leading design-driven residential developments in New York City and Miami. Prior to joining Continuum Company, deGraffenried was principal at JMH Development (2022–23) and managing director of development at SHVO (2019–22).

In addition to his duties at Continuum Company, deGraffenried is the founder and board president of The deGraffenried Foundation (The dF), a nonprofit organization that supports students in need within the design industry. Focused on creating award and scholarship programs for aspiring designers facing financial barriers, The dF connects talented students with industry leaders.

As an architecture alumnus in a non-traditional career, deGraffenried often connects with current and future students who are eager to learn more about real estate development through the School’s alumni mentoring network. He is an adjunct professor at Fordham University’s Real Estate Institute, teaching both certificate and graduate courses.