5:15pm EDT March 30, 2021

Max Kuo: Architecture of the Post-Digital Frenemy

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Spring 2021 Visiting Critic

Max Kuo
Founding Partner, ALLTHATISSOLID

Architecture of the Post-Digital Frenemy

In this lecture, Max Kuo will explore the aesthetics of a post-internet paradigm where digital networks have woven together all aspects of social and material life on this planet. As a result of this interconnectivity, everyday routines from democratic governance to pop-cultural fandom have been rewired in the most unexpected ways. While architects have historically speculated upon the techno-utopias of future technologies, Max will present a new spatio-temporal framework for discerning the aesthetic projects of our post-internet modernity. The superstitions and enemies of our past have collapsed into the unpredictable behaviors of the familiar. Through a series of projects designed by his studio ALLTHATISSOLID, Max will outline the qualities of our new architectural frenemies.

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