5:15pm EDT October 9, 2020

Harry der Boghosian Fellowship Exhibition Opening and Gallery Talk: Pursuit of Design Extremes

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Architectural designer Benjamin Vanmuysen came to Syracuse Architecture in fall 2019 as the School’s fourth Harry der Boghosian Fellow. During the 2019–20 school year, Vanmuysen taught an architecture studio and two professional electives, as well as organized an exhibition on the work produced during his time at Syracuse. His research focuses on two opposite design extremes: underdesign and overdesign. While both limits have negative connotations and are active terms within our architectural jargon, they have never been further investigated, nor defined.

In an attempt to gain a deeper understanding of the concerning design extremes and its processes, multiple elements of the exhibition space – floor, wall, ceiling, door and duct – have been designed with varying degrees of labor and design investment and consideration, resulting in an under-and-overdesigned Marble Room.

Dean Michael Speaks and Benjamin Vanmuysen will unveil and discuss the installation, which was designed by Vanmuysen and his students in the spring 2020. This event will be set up as a conversation in which the associations of under-and-overdesign will be addressed and specifically how the diametrical extremes have manifested themselves over the multiple elements in the Marble Room.

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