Irene Chin

Irene Chin is an editor and curatorial coordinator currently based in Montreal, Quebec. She was trained as an architect at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York and went on to study History and Philosophy of Design at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Her masters thesis considered Le Corbusier’s Museum of Unlimited Growth as a diagram for the synthesis of arts and architecture’s symbolic authority. Her research presented a reading of the hypothetical project as an anti-monument, a framework to situate art and historiography. This work formed the premise for a panel discussion on contemporary museum extension projects and was also presented at the conference, Le Corbusier, 50 years after. Through the practice of design research, exhibition- and publication-making, she explores her interests in archive theory, media archaeology, and museology. Her interests lie in the intersection of architectural and institutional criticism, questioning formal and abstract structures of cultural production.

She has contributed to exhibitions at the Art Institute of Chicago and Harvard University, and has experience with grants and and public programming at major institutions including the Storefront for Art and Architecture in New York City, and the Architecture Foundation and the Graham Foundation in Chicago. Recent projects as curatorial coordinator at the Canadian Centre for Architecture include Archaeology of the Digital curated by Greg Lynn; 17 Volcanoes curated by Philip Ursprung and Alex Lehnerer; Besides, History curated by Giovanna Borasi; Miroirs Mirrors curated by Francesco Garutti; Greystones: Tools for Understanding the City curated by Phyllis Lambert.