5:15pm EST February 3, 2020

The Living Room Conversation: In Memory of Professor Kermit J. Lee Jr.

This exhibition is both a memorial and a platform to encourage informal conversations during the celebration of Black History Month.

The content of the exhibition focuses on Syracuse University School of Architecture Professor Emeritus Kermit J. Lee Jr. ’57. We have chosen to remember Professor Lee through the words of his family, students, peers, and former colleagues, and through content selected from his work as a student, educator, and architect.

The student section of the exhibition consists of a series of graded drawings completed by Professor Lee while earning his BArch at Syracuse University’s School of Architecture. The teaching section features projects completed by Professor Lee’s students at the Syracuse University School of Architecture. Professor Lee also ran a successful professional practice and completed a number of projects, which are featured. Also included is a series of photographs with his family members, students, peers, and former colleagues.

Curated by Pin Sangkaeo ’21 and Benson Joseph ’20 in association with the Orange chapter of the National Organization of Minority Architecture Students.

Special thanks to Karin Lee George, daughter of Professor Kermit J. Lee Jr., and to Syracuse University School of Architecture Librarian, Barbara Opar.