Siebe Bakker

Siebe Bakker graduated with honors in 1992 from Delft University of Technology - faculty of architecture, specializing in architectural design and theory. His thesis project was both a theoretical and practical research into the functioning of concepts in architectural design. The various notions that were investigated were immediately tested in a large-scale design project.

Directly after graduating a practice was started which focused on investigating architecture as a process. Design as an exploration in which tactics as resistance, frustration and exploitation as well as collaboration, camouflage and fascination were deployed. An architectural practice not based on external coherence, on how it appears, but on the utilization of the internal logic of the projects themselves. Simultaneously, extensive teaching assignments offered possibilities to investigate specific ideas within relatively contained settings. An ideal combination for reflection and for explorations on how to facilitate an environment in which designers can excel.

In 2001 the basic architectural design practice was abandoned to focus full-time on the development of ideas and expertise related to extending the skills of architects and other creatives, professionals as well as students. A development especially tuned to generate formats in which participants from various backgrounds collaborate intensely.