Beginning 3/30/15 students will be able to make reservations for the two Universal Laser X660’s (Grey One and Grey Two) here. No more paper list that no one follows.  No more waiting on line or sleeping in the hall.

Students are allowed to make reservations in one hour blocks for a maximum of two hours a week. 

Big Blue, the PLS 675 is reserved for walk up jobs no appointment necessary.  Jobs on Big Blue are limited to 45 min.  It is intended for short emergency cutting.  If you have one piece you lost or forgot that is what Big Blue is for, not production work.  

3D Printing and CNC forms are now online

You now can submit your 3D Printing and CNC Milling forms right from the comfort of your computer. No more Printing out forms and clandestinely sliding them under doors.  For the 3D printing form go here, and for the CNC here.

Big news

You now can laser cut directly out of Rhino 3D and Adobe Illustrator, as well as AutoCAD. This means no more trying to convert files to AutoCAD only to find the laser cutter will not cut splines and you lose you spot in line because you have to go back and re-export. Get more info here and download the Zip of all the templates here.

New for Fall 2014

The digital fabrication operations at the school are undergoing several changes. The 3D printers have been moved adjacent to the laser cutter room. Laser cutting per minute charges have been phased out and students will be cutting their own work under the guidance of trained operators.

Learn more

Hit up the links on the right for specific info on each process, such as hours for use, how to submit work, cost for use, and type of materials permitted.