The school’s render farm consists of two Dell Poweredge 2950 III servers, each with two quad-core Xeon processors. These four physical processors emulate the parallel rendering capacity of 16 single processor workstations, resulting in speed increases on rendering jobs from 4 to 12 times. (This varies from job to job, and is based on a comparison to a dual-processor Intel-based workstation.)

The farm can render jobs generated by Cinema 4D R14 and V-Ray for Rhino.

The render farm is available to help expedite your rendering jobs, and to free up personal or lab computers for other tasks. When you send a properly setup Cinema 4D project to the farm, the job will render ‘offline,’ allowing you to log off a computer, and/or do other work while the job renders. With V-Ray for Rhino, you must stay logged in and connected for the job to render on the farm.

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