5:30pm EDT May 2, 2017

Faculty exhibition opening

The Image, The Object, The Table

Exhibition on display May 2 - May 15, 2017
Slocum First Floor, Visiting Critics Studio

The Image, The Object, The Table

A faculty exhibition that comprises three separate collections of heterogeneous artifacts: images that inspire and trigger the work of each faculty member; design objects that embody each faculty member’s working methods and approaches; and a single table spread with diverse artifacts created and curated by each faculty member. 

The Image

The images collected in this exhibition are important artifacts of inspiration, memory, intent, and provocation. Faculty members submitted two images for the show, each of which is meant to reveal a way of making and simultaneously represent the variety of work and expertise that our school embodies and encourages.

The Object

The construction of small design objects or prototypes has always been an important process in the design and representation of architecture. Each of the white-colored objects in this exhibition has been produced by individual faculty members and is meant to be an exploration of a single idea in their work.

The Table

The table is laid out as a singular, continuous surface of creative making, with plots or sections curated by each faculty member consisting of the products of their own architectural creativity and labor.  The images and the objects are numbered and connect back to each participant’s plot or section on the table. Taken all together, the exhibition reveals the diverse points of view that define and link together to form the faculty of Syracuse Architecture.

Faculty participants

Maya Alam
Amber Bartosh
Ivan Bernal
Ted Brown
Junho Chun
Sekou Cooke
Greg Corso
Julia Czerniak
Larry Davis
Joseph Godlewski
Terrance Goode
Lindsay Harkema
Roger Hubeli
Molly Hunker
Elizabeth Kamell
Randall Korman
Bess Krietemeyer
Julie Larsen
Mark Linder
Brian Lonsway
Jonathan Louie
Nicole McIntosh
Kyle Miller
Anne Munly
Daekwon Park
Daniele Profeta
Richard Rosa
Brendan Rose
Francisco Sanin
David Shanks
Yutaka Sho
Timothy Stenson
Fei Wang