Katherine Hogan
Tonic Design / Tonic Construction

Katherine M. Hogan ’05 completed her bachelor of architecture degree at Syracuse University as a University Scholar, summa cum laude with a minor in Italian language. She attended the Syracuse Program of Architecture in Florence. Upon graduation she worked with Will Bruder + Partners in Phoenix, AZ and after held a fellowship position with a Bryan Bell at Design Corps, a non-profit architecture practice serving communities normally without access to architectural services.
Katherine joined the practice of tonic design | tonic construction in 2008. She is co-principal with husband Vincent Petrarca. Hogan has since worked on multiple residential and small scale commercial projects, and recently received a National AIA Small Projects Practitioners award for an educational pavilion at the North Carolina Museum of Art. Tonic’s hybrid model of professional practice furthers the flexibility to take on various roles as both architect and contractor. This blended perspective allows tonic to build and implement their own designs as well as designs of other architects, with the highest emphasis on craft.
Passionate about academia and her local community, Katherine frequently serves as a guest juror at several area schools and participates on many committees that promote design awareness. She serves as a member of the Syracuse University School of Architecture Advisory Board.



Spring 2017, Spring 2015