Edward McGraw
CEO, Ashley McGraw Architects, P.C.

M.Arch, Syracuse University, 1984

Edward McGraw ’84, CEO of Ashley McGraw Architects, P.C., has a Master of Architecture from Syracuse University; is a LEED Accredited Professional; and is licensed in the State of New York.  In 1997, Ed and his partner, David Ashley, founded Ashley McGraw Architects–an award winning design firm committed to innovative, creative and sustainable design solutions.  The firm employs 61 people with offices in Syracuse and Long Island, New York.  A leading proponent of the 2030 Challenge, in 2007 Ashley McGraw Architects formed the Advanced Building Studio, dedicated to the creation of zero carbon footprint, zero fossil fuel energy buildings combined with the use of environmentally responsible materials and construction methods. A native of Syracuse, Ed has a passion for the Central New York community and is devoted to its architecture and culture.