January 22, 2016

New SOA scarves and hats now for sale

Syracuse winters are a bit warmer thanks to the new School of Architecture scarves and hats that have hit the Syracuse Bookstore shelves.

“They’re flying out of here,” says Lou Kearns, manager of the SU Bookstore in Slocum Hall.

  • Reversible knit scarves with multi-color fringe are available at $39.99
  • Grey knit hats with multi-colored pom cost $24.99

These items are PERFECT for waiting in long bus shuttle lines, trekking the Connective Corridor on a windy day, or maybe to wear as a fashion accessory while slaving away in your (cold? hot?) Slocum Hall studio or office.

And the graphic identity detail of these toasty items couldn’t be finer. When you wear a Syracuse Architecture scarf or hat, you will be ONE with all of your fellow SyrArch-ies.

“These are the real deal,” says Dean Michael Speaks.

Don’t miss out. Get yours today at the SU Bookstore in Schine or Slocum.

If you’re an alum of the school, there’s no need to fret!!! Scarves and hats are available for online ordering via the SU Bookstore website.