Lori Brown: Activist Architect

Associate Professor Lori Brown’s research and design work focuses particularly on the relationships between architecture and social justice issues, many that affect women.

Lori Brown wants something more and something better for architects and architecture—for her students, her colleagues, herself, and those they serve—and she’s pushing mightily in diverse directions to incite change within the academic discipline and across the profession at large.

“As a student in the late ’80s and early ’90s, I had such a naïve idea—a narrow picture—about what architecture was supposed to do,” says Brown, a School of Architecture faculty member whose work bridges architecture, feminism, and political activism. “The educational model then was scripted by the mentality of a lone genius working away in the studio, creating beautiful drawings and models that someone else would then be building. That kind of model is just not going to move us forward.”

For the full story, see Syracuse University Magazine, Spring 2014.