Fall 2013 “Rough Cuts” exhibition highlights work of visiting critics

A diverse body of work created by fall 2013 Syracuse Architecture visiting critics Angela Co, Brad Lynch, Rosalyne Shieh, David Ruy, and Lyn Rice (NYC critic) was displayed in Slocum Gallery 10.29 - 12.05. A video installation provided interviews with each of the critics. (Curated by assistant professors Ryan Ludwig and Martin Hättasch)

The School of Architecture “Rough Cuts” exhibition brought together the diverse work of fall’s fall 2013 visiting critics Angie Co, Lyn Rice, Brad Lynch, Rosalyne Shieh and David Ruy in a single exhibition. Rather than focusing exclusively on finished architectural products or one particular practice, “Rough Cuts” put on display the diverse processes of architectural creation through a range of drawings, objects, and artifacts. Both end products as well as ‘rough’ materials were shown side by side to allow for an understanding of the particular approaches, methods, and obsessions through which the visiting critics enriched the studio culture at Syracuse. Visitors were able to navigate a spatial field of artifacts on display in the gallery at his/her own pace, while a video installation provided an in-depth insight into each architectural practice through interviews with the five critics.