April 02, 2013

Assoc. Professor Michael Pelken appointed Visiting Professor at Nanjing University

Associate Professor P. Michael Pelken has been appointed as Visiting Professor at the Nanjing University School of Architecture and Urban Planning in Nanjing, China.

The appointment is following an invited presentation at the CHAMPS 2011 International Conference hosted by Nanjing University, and a shared course offering at NJU during the summer last year in collaboration with his research partner Dr. J. Zhang from the SU LC Smith College of Engineering and Computer Science.

The interdisciplinary course work between architecture an engineering that will be offered again during the summer this year, is based on the methodology of the Department of Energy funded software development of the ‘Virtual Design Studio.’ The design and simulation platform that is currently in the programming and prototyping stage is intended to facilitate an optimized design process of sustainable, low energy and high IEQ buildings.

Two articles describing the development in depth from the architecture and engineering perspective, ‘Virtual Design Studio - Part 1: Interdisciplinary Design Processes’ (by P.M. Pelken), and ‘Virtual Design Studio - Part 2: System Integration’ (by J. Zhang), have been accepted for publication in Building Simulation - An international Journal published by Tsinghua University Press (China) in collaboration with Springer Publishers (Germany).

One of his recent project developments in the research area of Integrated Wind Technologies has been published in Architectural Record in an article that includes the design for the wind and solar powered ‘Turbine House’ presented on the online opening page. The building proposal is a residential scale architectural application of his patented efficiency principle for the enhanced use of Vertical Axis Wind Turbines. The article by Peter Fairley describes the general understanding and future potential for the use of Building Integrated Wind Power: