9:00pm EST December 5, 2019

NeuroArchitectureImaging installation opening

Almost nothing like a building and almost something like an image: this is your brain on architecture.

NeuroArchitecturelmaging is a site-specific video installation that activates and iterates the temporal and material patterns and logics in the idiosyncratic architecture of Ernie Davis Hall. It attempts to create an imaging environment that plays on our evolved cognitive capacities for pattern recognition, serial processing and spatial imagination. By highlighting the parts of the building as an effect of the project and delaminating the projection as an effect of the building, it will seem as if one is simultaneously inhabiting a building and a digital model.

Mark Linder, Professor
Erick Sanchez ’19, and Ji Yoon Bae ’19, Juntao Huang ’20, Ashley Nowicki ’20, Yilu Zhang ’20