7:00pm EDT April 25

Modeling lecture and workshop with Dennis Shelden


Dennis Shelden is an Associate Professor and Director of the Digital Building Laboratory at Georgia Institute of Technology. He was previously Associate Professor of Practice in Design Computation at Massachusetts Institute of Technologies School of Architecture and Planning, and has taught at University of California, Los Angeles, and the Southern California Institute of Architecture. He is a licensed Architect in the State of California.

Dennis is an expert in applications of digital technology to building design, construction and operations, with experience spanning across research, technology development and professional practice including multiple architecture, building engineering and computing disciplines. He led the development of architect Frank Gehry’s digital practice as Director of R&D and Director of Computing from 1997-2002.  In 2002, he co-founded Gehry Technologies where he served as Chief Technology Officer, launched the development of several commercial software products, and was project executive on several of the world’s most recognizable and advanced building projects. He previously worked for a diverse set of technology and engineering companies including Arup, Cyra Systems and Consultant’s Computation Bureau.

Dennis has lectured and written widely on topics of computational applications to architecture and building industry transformation. He has served on numerous industry leadership and standards bodies, including the National Institute of Building Sciences and BuildingSmart, and served as chair of the BIM Standard Legal and Contracting Committee for the National BIM Standard.

On Friday, April 16, Dennis will be holding a workshop from11am-3pm in the King + King Architecture Library. RSVP to by April 25 if you’d like to attend.