7:00pm EDT April 18

Modeling lecture and workshop with David Lantz

Seeing Through A Concrete Crystal Ball

David Lantz is an Urban Design & Waterfront Practice Manager at SmithGroup LLC Coastal Engineering in Madison, Wisconsin.

Much of his work centers on the development of market strategy and design innovation in response to major shifts and trends affecting the future of cities, coastal areas, and the design/construction industry. His 30-year career in marketing and communications includes 20 years in the architectural/engineering field, as well as publicity and publications for a contemporary art museum. 

Alternative Futures for Smart Materials and Smart Construction

On Friday, April 19, David will be holding a workshop from 9am-Noon in the VC Studio providing an opportunity to think like design futurists. 

Emerging technologies are pushing the built environment in radically new directions. Smart City and Smart Building approaches are introducing materials and methods that infuse high levels of technological function, systems management, monitoring, and data gathering into design. High-performance and resilient materials are being developed utilizing advancements in nanotechnology and biomimicry. Digital construction methods leveraging robotics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are also increasingly shaping the future of the industry. Participants will evaluate and develop their own predictions and strategies for new material and construction innovation, and explore how architects/designers can serve as both critics and facilitators for the future of design materials and solutions.

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