5:15pm EDT September 14, 2018

Film “FACE OF A NATION: What Happened to the World’s Fair?” with Mina Chow

On Friday, we welcome Mina Chow to Syracuse Architecture. Mina is a licensed architect and Adjunct Associate Professor at the USC School of Architecture where she teaches design, practice, history and theory.

“For generations of Americans, World’s Fairs captured visions of hope for the future as part of their collective memory. Mina Chow became fascinated with World’s Fairs when she saw pictures of her parents at the 1964 New York World’s Fair. Beginning with their stories, Mina shares their legacy and American values that inspired her to become an architect. She is excited to go to the 1st World’s Fair in China. With over 73 million visitors, the Shanghai World Expo breaks all attendance records for any event in human history. But what she discovers there not only destroys her confidence as an American architect; it is symptomatic of a country that has lost its way. With her dream destroyed, Mina begins a search for answers—to find out what happened to the vision of World’s Fairs and also—what happened to America.”

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