12:30pm EST January 18

Visiting critic studio introductions

12:30pm, Slocum Auditorium        
  • 10-minute presentations by each visiting critic: Karim Moussawer, Linda Zhang, Paul Preissner, Rachely Rotem, Tom Verebes and Randall Korman
2pm, Visiting Critics Studio
  • Meet & Greet / Q & A session
  • Opportunity to informally meet VC faculty and learn more about studios
3:00pm, ballots due to Elizabeth Ryan, Slocum 207, Assoc. Dean’s Suite
  • Dean Michael Speaks, Associate Dean Julia Czerniak, and program chairs will tabulate results and make studio assignments.      
5:00pm, rosters posted outside Slocum 207 and in Visiting Critics Studio
  • Afterwards, VC faculty will meet with students in their respective studios to discuss schedule and meeting times for the semester.   


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