Costs while participating in the NYC program vary due to factors such as housing, food, and transportation costs. Based on past student participation, the following outlines a sample budget.

Tuition and Fees

Housing / $3,000-$4,000
Students in the program are responsible for their own housing costs and therefore costs vary. See the section on housing for more information on suggestions for accommodations in New York

Food / $1,700-$2,500
Students provide for their own meals during their semester in New York. Therefore costs vary depending on frequency of dining in/out

Books and Supplies / $300-$600
Course materials and studio supplies required for study will be specified by course instructors

Personal Expenses / $500-$600
Other living expenses, transportation, entertainment, etc should be considered when factoring your total costs

Insurance (costs vary)
Students will need to arrange for their own health insurance coverage during their term in NYC. Please make arrangements with your parents/insurance provider.

We also recommend that students acquire insurance for their laptop/computer while in the program.