This is a proposed schedule template for a 45-minute interview. Depending on your arrival/departure times, this template will help you know how many students you may interview.

Friday morning and afternoon option (in Schine Student Center)
11:45 LUNCH BREAK (provided by Syracuse Architecture)
 5:45 Leave for Airport to catch 7:00pm flight??   (Airport is a 20-minute drive from SU.)

Start/Stop times for the day are at your convenience and based on your travel plans. You may interview until 5:45pm Friday.


You may use the OrangeLink interface to “invite” the students you wish to interview, or you can send the list of names to Susan Call.

After you provide the names of your preferred interviewees, students will be notified and then have 24 hours to accept or decline the interview. 

If a student declines, the slot will be filled with a student on the waiting list. You may send extra names of students you would prefer to see on the waiting list.  Otherwise, on a first-come/serve basis, I will add the names of students who ask to be added.