The next step in the on-campus interview process is to email a job description to Susan Call in Employer Relations. Susan will help you set up your account on our recruiting software called OrangeLink.

• The posting should indicate the office location(s) for which you are potentially hiring. 
• We need separate descriptions for summer employment positions. 
• The job description can be as specific or as general as you prefer, and you can include a “pitch” to describe why your firm is a great place to work.
• These job descriptions are not a commitment to hire; they are only to help the student understand the skills in which you are interested.

You can upload the job description to OrangeLink yourself or send it to Susan in the body of an email or an MSWord doc. In other words, please do not send a PDF.

The job descriptions will be posted electronically on OrangeLink, and students will “apply” by submitting a resume according to a deadline.  When the deadline occurs, Susan will send an electronic “package” of resumes and sample pages to you. You will then have a few days to select your candidates and invite them through OrangeLink.

Depending on your arrival/departure times and the length of each interview (45 minutes is recommended), you may have 6-12 time-slots available for interviews.  If there are multiple interviewers, we can schedule individual rooms so that you can double the number of students you may interview.  Also, some firms will choose to conduct a few interviews on Thursday before or after the 7pm Panel Discussion in Slocum Hall.

Are you flying to Syracuse? For scheduling purposes, plan to leave Syracuse University 30 minutes before you need to be at the airport. This will impact the number of interview slots you can fill.

Below is the info that is usually covered in the job descriptions.
Summer position?
Permanent position for graduating student?
Skills needed
Software used
Years/Level of experience required
Level of education required (if Summer position)
Type of projects
Size of specific office
Brief description of “culture” of the office or benefits offered

*** Please do NOT make requests for cover letters, references, portfolios or separate email submissions.  After the on-campus screening interviews, you are welcome to make those requests. All resume/sample pages will be delivered to you electronically.