Syracuse Architecture provides opportunities for employers to recruit summer interns, recent graduates, and experienced professionals through our Career Services Office.

Posting Job Notices

We are happy to post your hiring news to our students & alumni/ae.  Please send a job description to include this information to Connie Caldwell:

  • Title for position
  • Skills needed
  • Software used
  • Years/Level of experience required
  • Level of education
  • Full-time, part-time, paid?
  • License required?
  • Type of projects
  • Size of office
  • Brief description of “culture” of the office
  • Name (Mr.? Ms.?) of contact person and contact info
  • Material required: cover letter, resume, sample pages, link to online portfolio?
  • File size limit (MB) for emailed image pages
Resumes & Sample Pages

Resumes and sample pages are posted here. You are welcome to email or call the student using the contact info on the resume. 

On-Campus Interviews

Employers are encouraged to visit campus during January, February and early March to participate in the On-Campus Interview Days. Graduating students and summer internship candidates, B.Arch, M.Arch, and M.S. are prepared for interviews with resume, sample pages, and portfolio. Contact Connie Caldwell to reserve a date for your visit.