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general faqs 

If I get a flight to Syracuse after the start of the semester, can I start online and then return to campus?

You should plan to start your semester in-person on August 24. If you cannot return to campus by this date, you can continue your classes remotely for the remainder of the semester.

Will all in-person courses offer an online version?

Yes, faculty teaching in-person classes will be able to accommodate students who cannot attend in person because you are sick, need to quarantine, or for any other reason.

Will tuition be reduced for online classes?

No, the price of tuition will remain the same for either in-person or online classes.

Do I need to notify my instructors if I am not returning to campus?

Yes, if you are enrolled in any hybrid classes, meaning the class appears as in-person on MySlice, you should notify your instructor if you are not planning to attend in person.

Can I begin my classes online while I complete my required quarantine?

Yes, you should notify your instructors directly whenever you need to attend hybrid classes online.

If classes are online, does it matter if there is a time conflict between classes?

Yes, many online classes are meeting for synchronous sessions on their scheduled days and times, so it is very important you do not have conflicts.

Will I be able to attend studio online in the Fall?

Yes, returning students will be allowed to attend any class online, this includes studio.

Will I fall behind or be at a disadvantage if I attend studio online?

Absolutely not. Faculty have been preparing all summer to offer their courses in both online and in-person formats.

How will studio classes be structured this semester?

First, second, and third-year studios will meet in-person three days for every two-week period. The Fall 2020 studio calendar illustrates the orange/blue meeting pattern. Students may work in studio only during assigned meeting times and must wear masks when doing so.

Will I have access to fabrication and computer labs?

The digital and analog fabrication labs are open Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., and are closed weeknights and weekends.

The two computer labs are closed to physical access, but are available remotely through the school’s RemoteLab.