We are working backwards: in the place of “beginning” thesis projects with architecture the group will begin with examining the Terms* and Conditions** in which architecture is produced. In particular, these projects demonstrate the value of architectural design in broader contexts as well the impact of such contexts on the discipline itself. We think big: we conceive of provocations that link architecture to its constituents in a manner that imagines positive change for both. Thinking big does not necessitate operating at a large scale. These projects range from fine operations on existing artifacts to conceptions of new forms and environments. 

*Terms refers to events, histories, knowledge, mediums, phrases, rules, skills, systems, processes, techniques, and words used to define a territory commonly referred to as the discipline of architecture. 

**Conditions refers to the state of the world today with regard to its appearance, quality, and/or working order, and the circumstances affecting the way in which we live and/or work, especially with regard to safety or well-being.

february 26, 9:30-11:30aM, 1-4pm

  • Boya Chao & Dhvani Doshi
    Street Culture
  • Dylan Crean
  • Vera Feng
    Glass Walls
  • Elyse KillKelley
    Affordable Air-rangements
  • Tori Luy
    It Takes a Village
  • Timothy Mulhall
    Living Memories
  • Angela Murano
    (ER)ban Intervention
  • Raj Periwal
    Useless, Superficial, A Lie.
  • Omri Winkler
    Let. Me. In.
  • Edson Wong
    Contesting Spaces