The agency of architecture to support/subvert/reinforce/mitigate institutional power structures and dynamics has long been at the core of political, economic, sociological, and cultural systems of human civilization. We explore the physical relationship between body and space, spatial and temporal territories, material significance/meaning, and cultural inheritances of spaces for protest. The work analyzes evidence of historical spaces of protest, and ways in which they could serve to inform and construct projective frameworks for future spaces where civic actors, stakeholders, and constituents can realize the right of demonstration, and where physical, spatial, and material syntaxes of security, surveillance, and safety can be radically subverted to liberate, protect, and include. The projects aim to develop methodological pathways that reconfigure/reclaim/reassign ownership and intention and challenge the agency and systems of oppression behind the operation of ‘public’ space.

february 26, 10am-noon, 1-3pm

  • David Acevedo
    Communion Composed
  • Lindsey Brown
    Urban Corridor
  • Siraphob Khuptiphongkun
    Trash to Two
  • Nicholas Wahler
    Immortal Tactics
  • Heather Warren
    Equity in Environmental Protections
  • Shauneil Williams
    The Postcolonial Condition
  • Eryn Young
    Design for Wellness