Claim: No contemporary issues, practices or peoples escape imaging immersion (I/I) or immersion imaging (I/I), the necessary conditions for the production and experience of architecture today. By focusing on the technologies, theories, media, and potentials of this nexus of the digital/actual/virtual/manual we can productively and creatively engage and explore any architectural problem.

Questions: How is architecture being redefined by the kinds of diffusion, interface, engagement, effects and affects engendered by I/I? How does our dependence on digital devices and media engender I/I in architecture? How can imaging theory assist our understanding of this reciprocal condition? How does the complex intersection of digital/actual/ virtual/manual inform our production and inhabitation of environments? How did this condition emerge in history and what are its possible futures?

Guests: Erick Sanchez, Evie Soileau

february 26, 9:30AM-12:30PM

9:30am Introduction
9:40am Yunji Seong
Parafictional Architecture
10:00am Lindsey Dierig
Digital Misrenders
10:20am Ruojun Zhai
An Atlas of Emotions
11:00am Luca McLaughlin
Labyrinth of Immersion
11:20am Brendon Huang
Tangible Light
11:40am Cabrio Wang
Neuro- Infotecture
12 noon Closing Discussion