Advisors: Kyle Miller, Greg Corso, Molly Hunker, Aurélie Frolet

This thesis advisory group is interested in examining the Terms and Conditions in which architecture is produced, particularly regarding speculative investigations within urban and public territories. We are committed to assisting you in the development of projects that demonstrate, on the one hand, the value of architectural design in urban (social and cultural) contexts, and, on the other, the impact of your efforts in relation to the history of our discipline. We encourage you to think big, to conceive of provocations that link architecture to its constituents in a manner that imagines positive change for both. We are interested in supporting projects that range from fine operations on existing artifacts to conceptions of new forms and environments. We maintain a particular interest in formal, material, and spatial interventions in public space, and their ability to illuminate broader cultural, environmental, political, and social concerns of a place. As much as urban interventions reflect culture and provide critical commentary on the particularities of the context, they can also project new readings of place-revealing hidden narratives, uncovering latent possibilities, or imagining new futures. Interventions at a variety of scales within an urban environment connect to, and are in many cases dependent upon the broader infrastructures of a place. Beyond extraarchitectural affiliations, urban interventions provide a platform for designers to experiment with and exemplify their aesthetic predilections.

We will encourage the development of projects that: capture the public imaginary through engaging pressing issues; embrace the overlap between culture and form; privilege form-making over form-finding; recombine known practices into new and delirious possibilities; pursue specificity in the place of abstract thinking.

wednesday, december 15, 9am-4pm, 4th floor atrium

9:00am Mehak Saroha
9:30am Ryo Ishioka
10:00am Alex Michel
10:30am Shiori Green
11:00am Heather Skinner
11:30am Andrew Harper
12 noon Lunch Break
1:00pm Alexa Adams
1:30pm Roxanne Sarrafzadeh
2:00pm Kelsey Benitez & Isabel Sutherland
2:30pm Yongqi Lu
3:00pm Emily Hu & Miguel Roman
3:30pm Concluding Conversation